"A class"
Lets go racing with the modified "A" class mini stocks!
Joe Varner 9, Bob Forman 15 lead the field.  Dr. Marshall House 91, and it looks like Raleigh Beatty is filling in driving a Sweeting Beetle.  10-2-71
Russ Coon in the 71, and Bob Williams 17 line-up on the front straight, 9-25-71.
And they are off! 10-2-71.
Finally a picture that I don't have to document!
​On this page, I'll put the pictures up in more or less numberical order.  Since George Sweeting had cars numbered X and 1, he will start us off.
​George Sweeting was a racer to the core!  He was an authentic "conch", born in Key West.  George raced all over, even on the Beach and Road course in Daytona in the 1950's.  

He ran mini stocks and super mods at Hialeah in the 1960's, and was an officer in the SMRA, the group that re-opened the track in 1970.  George worked tirelessly for the benefit of the sport, but make no mistake: he also came to win.  
George's son Dave Sweeting gave racing a try for a few seasons.
George went on to race Sportsman cars at Hialeah, and then on to Late Models where he won the class championship.
Does anyone know who drove this?  10-30-71
"Little Joe" Leserra lived right across the street from George in Miami Springs.  He took and interest in the racecars and began helping out in the shop.  Eventually, George put him in a second car, and Joe took right off,
This was taken at Hialeah, but it is the best color one that I have.
Kind of weird, but I have always liked unpainted cars with spray paint numbers, I remember when George and Joe brought this beauty out for the first time in 1973.
Presenting.....My ALL-TIME favorite racecar: Wayne Varner in the Gray Ghost Fiat.
Wayne autographed this picture even though he was not driving when it was taken.  This must have been one of the "celebrity" races.
Wayne scored a win in Red Howell's #9 Karman Ghia.
This was Doug Farmer in his MG on 8-28-71.
Raleigh Beatty is joined by his wife Nancy in victory circle.  Look close, Raleigh autographed both pictures.
Raleigh went at it with Dennis Butler tonight.
​October 2, 1971 was a big night for this young driver.  Joe Varner won his first mini stock feature, and he had to beat the best cars in the class to do it.
​This Fiat was back for more in 1973 as a team car to his cousin Wayne Varner's #7. 
​Joe drove Red Howell's new Karman Ghia to many wins.                                           3-24-73
​This was Pete Castellano in his Renault.
Bob Forman parked his red Anglia in victory circle on 9-23-72.
​Bob remembers signing this picture for me.  He swears it was the only autograph he ever signed!
​Bob Williams in his #17 leads Clark Little.
​A starting field forms up behind Tom Longwell and Clark Little.  Row two was Rob Bean and Dana Barlow, row three finds George "Chops" Sweeting and Doc House.
​Nick Reed was a SMRA officer, and one of the guys who helped keep the track afloat.  He was a driver too and shared this Renault with Tom Longwell and other drivers.

The car was built and owned by Ed Barlow, who was Dana Barlow's dad.  Ed drove it on occasion, and so did Dana if his car was out of commission.      7-24-71
​Labor Day weekend, 1971.  The track hosted a big charity race, and had several teams in a parade through downtown Homestead.  It was a great idea, and a huge crowd turned out.  Sad to say the rains moved in too...
​Gary Lewis put his car in the parade too.  'Love that Impala hauler.
​Sam Kerr raced all over S. Florida.  This looks like it was taken at the Hollywood road race course.                                                                     11-13-71
​What a picture!  Rob Bean and Joe Leserra have a little chat on 3-3-73.
​Sam Kerr raced all over S. Florida.  This looks like it was taken at the Hollywood road race course.                                                                     11-13-71
​Sam Kerr raced all over S. Florida.  This looks like it was taken at the Hollywood road race course.                                                                     11-13-71
​Rob Bean was a supporter of the track like few others.  He was president of the SMRA when the club re-opened the track in 1970, and fielded cars for many years.  Rob went on to race late models at Hialeah, then supported his sons in their racing efforts.
​Art Dahlberg gets his game face on!
​Working in the broiling south Florida sun, one of Art's Renaults comes together.
​Bitsy Dahlberg joins Art in victory circle.  She was a successful driver in the womens' races.
​Who drove #30?
​Mini stocks, late models, sailboats, road race cars, electric racecars, and even the world's fastest human powered vehicles at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Dana Barlow has been there and raced that!
​Dana is a life-long tinkerer and innovator.  His projects were long on elbow grease and inspiration.  Successful too!
​Eventually he spear-headed the United Mini Stock Conference, a group that featured mini stock races as a traveling main event.  They toured to a multitude of Florida tracks.
​Does anyone know who drove the #51?
Mark Koegel loved to travel and race.  He made the big mini stock races, on dirt and pavement, all up and down the east coast of the U.S.  Mark tried boats, and made his way into vintage road racing where he still competes.
Ed Esser was a long-time mini stocker from Miami, who also went on to race late models for many years.
​Air time!  Things got crazy when Dana tangled with a lapped car.
​We think the driver of the 41 is Doug Nash.
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