Here is Rob in an early mini stock at Hialeah.  This Anglia was was another joint effort with Dana. After running this car at Hialeah, Rob soon became a Renault fan. He built a long line of Renault mini-stocks, and said the Renaults were very light, not to mention cheap and abundant!
Photo by Bobby Day, summer, 1968
Check out Rob's first racecar, a Hudson built in Coconut Grove with life-long friend Dana Barlow.
It turns out that I have a bunch of Rob's pictures from his mini stock days at Hialeah.  Since this is a Florida City site, I have included those pictures at the bottom of this page.
Rob was the president of the group that reopened Florida City in October, 1970. They fixed up the place by raising the wall around the track, revamping the concession stand and making other improvements. 

It is not easy to work with a committee, but Rob's patient manner and hard work helped guide the track through this new beginning.

While serving as president of the SMRA, he stepped out of the car to concentrate on running the show. Here his driver Art Dahlberg wins in one of Rob's potent Renaults.
                                      photo by Ed Oberlies
Things were not always perfect between the SFRA, the TQ sanctioning group, and the mini-stock club, the SMRA. Rob was an ambassador who tried to bridge this gap. While racing mini-stocks, he joined the SFRA, won a position on its board, and became the owner/driver of this beautiful car.  This was his first TQ win, October 23, 1971.
The next week, Rob backed it up with another win!                                          10-30-71
Sooner or later, it happens to everyone.
I love this picture! Rob and Joe Lessera (3) discuss recent developments as Raleigh Beatty (8) joins the scene.
                                                                        March 3, 1973
Shown here with Larry Walker
There were lots of "A" class wins in those years!
Raleigh Beatty leads Rob through the hard left that was turn one.
Every neighborhood should have a race shop like Robs. Here he is shown with his hard-working crew: a collection of the neighbors' kids. Rob claims that the kids were the ones who often convinced him to get off the couch and get to work out in the shop!  From left to right: Raymond, Ed, Bruce & Marv.

Bitsy Dahlberg climbed in and won the Powder Puff!  

Look what it says on the roof; "Foreign Auto Racing Team".  What would the acronym be?
George Sweeting chases Rob off turn two.
As 1973 wound down, Rob was finishing up a Chevelle for Hialeah's late model class.
The familiar orange #28 takes on a new and challenging arena.
Shown leading Ronnie Burkhart and Buddy Griffin.
His sons Robbie and Mike each went on to find success in racing too.  That is a proud dad in these pictures!
72 Dennis Butler
99 Clarke Little
30 Mark Livingston
43 Harold Perry
42 Gerald Andrews & 72 Dennis Butler
Here are plenty of HIaleah pictures from the late 1960's.