Stock "B" class mini stocks
Here is a collection of the rough and wild "B" class cars.  As many drivers are represented as I could, but of course I am always looking for more pictures.

This will be the largest page on this site, and my website editor cannot handle so many pictures, so I have to split it into at least 2 pages.

They are loosely arranged in alphabetical order of the driver's last name.  There are many action shots mixed in where there is no single car that is featured.  Also, there are a few cars that I don't have a drivers name, so if you can identify any of them, I'd appreciate the info.

You will notice there are a ton of shots from 1971.  Track photographer Don Winchester gave me a huge archive from that year.
Contact!  Bob Manley in the 9, Mike Franklin, #1 and Robert Moehling all tangle.  8-19-72

This is my only picrture of Robery Moehling.  He is a local legend and runs a thriving business only a mile from the track site.  It is the famous ""Robert is Here" fruit stand that he started as a young boy, and that has expanded into a landmark for exotic produce, and great smoothies.
Heat race time on 9-25-71.
Flip Bancroft lines up in his #6 Mini Cooper.  1971
The Mini Coopers were front wheel drive, and although they were tiny and light, the engines were much smaller than the Anglias.  Flip is shown in race traffic on 9-25-71.
Phil Greenwood owned a car lot in Key Largo.  He fielded mini stocks for a few different drivers before taking the wheel himself, and also launching the driving career of his son Gary.
Gene Barfield was at the wheel in both of these shots.  In the picture to the left, Gene broke his left arm.  On another night, it was a trip through the wall, and Gene can be spotted climbing out of the back window.
More mayhem for Gene: the Greenwood Datsun throws a wheel in turn two.
Gene went on to race for many years and was a great supporter of the track.
Larry Barbarossa drove the #54.  The car is shown here at Ed Bowling's high-tech race fabrication complex.  c. 1975
Larry stepped up and help keep the track running in its final years.
Roland Blizzard drove the #85 Renault, 3-30-74.
Ed Bowling was the ultimate "big fish in a small pond" story!  His racing team played a key role in the mini stock class throughout the life of the track.  Ed lived nearby, and would often bring 3, 4 or even 5 team cars to the track.  I describe them as "always competitive, sometimes controversial".  They added a lot of action on the track, and it sometimes spilled over into the pits!

Lots of racecars were built and maintained at Ed's house.  His brother Carl Hilton and his brother-in-law Eddie Hutchinson were two of the very quick team members.  His cars were also driven by James Howe, Jimmy Bolin, Bob Manley, Larry Barbarossa, Jimmy McCrimmin, Buddy Harrington and others.
Ed was there until the end of the track.  This shot was from 1976, and must have been one of the final events held there.
In 1974 or 75, Ed became one of the volunteers who worked to keep the track open.
This is a great team shot from c. 1972,  Ed's #52 is farthest from the camera, Carl Hilton's #53 is in the middle, and the #51 had a few drivers over the years including Jimmy Bolin and James Howe.
The Bowling back yard was a busy place!
3-30-74  Ed found himself flipped on the drivers door.
Guessing here, but I think the 51 was James Howe and the 50 was Jimmy Bolin.
Leading the way on 10-2-71.
Ed left us in 2019.  R.I.P. racer.
​From the early days of the Bowling Race Team.
​As the track wound down in 1976, Ed produced this great looking racecar.
Chuck Childs takes a rough ride in his Simca.  Fortunately, those cars were tough!  July, 1968
Russ Coon parks it in victory circle in 1972.  He would soon convert this car to an "A" class modified.

Click HERE for Russ's page.
Russ Coon towed his Renault with a VW.
Don Edgar took over the controls of Vaughn Rockney's Morris Minor.
Race traffic on 9-18-71.  Don Ewing drove the 98, Mike Franklin in the 77, and Gary Ewing drove the 97.
Gary Ewing drove the 96.  My understanding is that the 96, 97 and 98 were all team cars, but I am still looking for info on this.  Both of these are from 7-24-71.
​Don Ewing in action with Ed Bowling on 8-28-71.
Mike Franklin and Don Ewing go at it in turn 3.
Mike Franklin was the 1971 class champion, so he carried the #1 in 1972.  Check out his page HERE.
A very young Gary Greenwood leans on the front fender of his dad's Anglia in 1967.  Larry Taylor drove this car, and his son Frank, standing by the right rear tire, was friends with Gary.  
This 90X was a Gary Greenwood creation, and had a few different drivers in it.  7-31-71
Check out Gary's extensive page by clicking HERE.
Yep, this is a 3 cylinder, two stroke, front wheel drive SAAB.  And it was pink!    11-13-71
Gary and Phil had a 1-2, son-father finish tonight.
Key Largo driver John Guzzetta ran a variety of mini stocks and TQ's over the years.  This was a Renault CV4.
John crosses it up in front of Ed Bowling, 8-7-71.
Don Heckman lit off a stellar racing career in this Anglia.  Check out his page HERE.
​David Hollinger ran this tweety bird yellow mini in 1973.
​I believe this was James Howe in one of the Bowling cars, this was #50.
​The #8 had a brief run at the track.  Hank Hubner hits the grass on 7-24-71.