Photos from the racing scrapbook of
Russ Coon
Here is a look at Russ in his rear-engined, "B" class Karmann Ghia.
From a simpler time in racing...  Russ arrives at the FCS pit entrance towing his car on a home-made, single axle trailer, and using a VW bus to pull it!

Russ drove this Renault in 1971, then moved to his good looking VW soon after.
At speed with Mike Franklin Sr.
Eventually, Russ converted this car to an "A" class modified.
Race time on 9-18-71.
Photo by Don Winchester
Now living in north Texas, Russ has stayed active in the sport through the years.
Here are a few of his favorite dirt track cars: a Mustang mini, and a 4 Cyl. modified.
Presenting his all time favorite racer....a Ford Courier pick-up!
This was lowered 6", offset 2", and was eventually outlawed by the track.  Russ built it with assistance from his oldest grandson.  (damn, we are all getting old!)
Russ made a little racing history by winning the first race for the IMCA sport modifed class (see the article to the right), and becoming the first champion.
Here are Russ and Tomie picking up the hardware at the IMCA national awards banquet in Iowa.

This guy is just like Darrell Waltrip; he never officially retired!  Yes, there have been some health issues that have kept Russ from driving recently, but its tough to keep a veteran driver down.  After all, this is not a sport, it is a way of life.

I'll always remember that cool looking, white VW as being one of the very first racecars to catch the eye of this young fan! 
​A few pix from Hialeah.  The #13 was the first car that Russ ever built,

Here are a few FCS cars having some fun on the infield dirt track in the Hialeah infield.  Russ in the #70 chases Ed Bowling in his famous #52.
Russ backed this VW in the corner dirt track style!