Photos from the father & son team of
Phil and Gary Greenwood
During the racing years, Phil and Gary lived in Key Largo.  Phil built this shop: it was a combination car lot/repair business.  

Gary says his dad built it "hurricane proof".  When hurricane Betsy hit with 140 mph winds, the family stayed safely inside of it.

I love this picture!
​It was a 1 & 2 finish tonight at Florida City!  The father, Phil, owned the racecars, and when he drove he was always in a #90.  His son Gary drove the #89 cars, but some nights he ran his dad's #90.

Phil raced quite a bit in the 1960's at Florida City, Hollywood and Hialeah, but the teams success really kicked in when Gary was old enough to take over one of the team cars.
It was 1967, and 16 year old Gary was standing at the right front tire of his dads mini stock. 

During these years, Phil's drivers were Larry Taylor and Florida City journeyman Gene Barfield.

The young man at the left of the frame is Frank Taylor, who was Larry's son.
Here was Gene driving one of Phil's Datsuns in 1966.
​Gene took a trip through the wall tonight.  He can be seen climbing out of the back window of this Anglia.
​Larry Taylor stood on the gas in Phil's Anglia, and the Nash Metropolitan at the right.
​Larry Taylor had his rough moments too.  That is Gary helping to set the Anglia back on its wheels.
​That was Phil on the left and Larry on the right.  Larry also owned the #22 TQ.
​The Greenwood Datsun won a Powder Puff derby!
​Phil leads Don Cowart at Hialeah.
​Florida City 
​More carnage.  "Chubby Gene" in the wall again.

Check out the cool headlight covers that Phil used.  Were these hubcaps?

And how about the skinny little tires used in those days! 
​Enter a new driver for the team, Phil's son Gary.  At 17, Gary ran a few kart races at Florida City, however he flipped during his third event, so Phil parked the karts and put his son in a mini stock.  

His first races were at Florida City, but this Hialeah picture was also very early in his driving career.
​Phil loops it at Hialeah.
​It didn't take Gary long to start collecting wins.  On this night, he was driving a SAAB, which was a real departure from what most of the competitors ran.  The Greenwood SAABs were front wheel drive, and had 3 cylinder, two stroke engines.  Even though the engines were smaller compared to the other mini stocks, the two cycles made a lot of power.  
​Hollywood Speedway hosted lots of mini stock races, so a young driver like Gary could collect seat time.
​Gary and Bob Williams got together during this day race at Hollywood Speedway.
It must have been a hot and steamy race on July 4, 1972.  Phil and Gary went at it with Wayne Varner in the Gray Ghost Fiat.
Phil's day was cut short.  The note on the photo says "end of a good race."
1973, Gary drove this 6 cylinder Ford in Hialeah's highly competitive Sportsman class.  It was his first ride in a full-sized car, and his last one until 2004.
Before long the engine was installed in one of their wreckers, and the sportsman car was sold.
1974 Hollywood Speedway, and a Greenwood was back in action.  Miles Cole gives chase in the 77, and in the right picture Eddie Hutchinson works the outside of Gary's 89.
December 8, 1974.  Gary scored a big win in Florida City's Gary Smith Memorial.  Phil was a proud dad standing there between his two sons.
This good looking Renault was fast too!
​Back at Florida City, Gary in the SAAB races with Dennis Butler, and Doc House.
Gary heads down the drag strip during one of Hollywood Speedways road races.
​It looks like the 90 took a dusty trip through the infield.
1976 at Hollywood Speedway.  Florida City's run had ended, but the Greenwoods kept on racing.
Hialeah put together some mini stock races in 1977 and 1978.  They drew lots of cars from around the state.  In the left picture, Gary leads the very quick 23 from Mims, FL, J.R. Taylor.

There are probably two versions of whatever is happening in the right picture.  That is Harold Dover looping the #7.

​                                                         4-8-78  Hialeah Speedway
Gary won this feature ahead of a strong field of cars, and at his new home track.  He considers this win to be his proudest in racing.

Notice the left rear tire is flat.  Gary said it went flat on the cool-down lap after the flag!

Kneeling at the front of the car is former Florida City racer, and Key Largo neighbor, John Guzzetta.  Gary's brother is the guy in the red shirt.
And then there were nights like this.  Not only did Gary tangle, but he did it with two more Key Largo cars: Ralph Ross Jr. and his brother Gary Ross.
According to Gary, this was the nicest car he ever built.  It was intended for Phil to drive, but he never got the chance.  In its third race, Gary crashed at Orlando Speedworld.  Not only was the car destroyed, but Gary broke several ribs and decided to hang his helmet up and concentrate on raising his young family.
Family race teams can be a challenge, but Gary says his dad was his best friend through it all.

Gary was out of the sport for many years, but picked it back up when his own son, Gary Jr. was ready to go.  They raced Legends, late models and late models stocks across the Carolinas.  Even into his late 70's, Phil loved going to the races to see his grandson in action.
Here is a look at Gary Greenwood Jr. in victory circle at Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina, 4-6-01.
Then in 2004, Gary Greenwood climbed back behind the wheel after a 25 year break!  He stuck with his old number, 89, and usually ran at his home track, Anderson Motor Speedway.  Gary made a few starts at others tracks, but concentrated on Anderson and won the Renegade class championship in 2005.

Phil lived 88 full years, but we lost him in 2013.

After the championship season, Gary hung up the helmet once again, but his love for the sport continues.  He can still be found restoring his many Corvairs, hanging out at the Florida Winternational events or crewing for friends cars.
Action on the front straight!  Gary in the SAAB chases Ed Bowling and Chris Morris while Mike Franklin runs alongside.