Race time!  Paul Masters in the 4 gets a push from Kenny Phillips, #70X.
May 12, 1973
Photo by Ed Oberlies
Gary Rheher in the #44 holds the inside line through turns 1 and 2, while Mike Franklin in the #1 and Chris Morris in the "Highway Patrol Special" #57, work the outside lane.
In the back ground can be seen the hand-made metal archway that marked the entrance to the facility.
Photo by Ed Oberlies   c.1973
More carnage: Bob Manley #9, Mike Franklin #1 and Robert Moelling #81 pile up their "B" class mini stocks.  That looks like Phil Greenwood pinned against the wall in his #90 Saab.
Photo by Ed Oberlies
August 19, 1972
It was 1967 and the mini stock drivers were turned loose in a "Shot Gun Start" race.  The guys would leave their cars on the front straight, then go stand on the back straight.  At the drop of the green, they would run across the infield, jump in their cars and take off.  I guess this was a Florida City version of the Le Mans start that was popular in those days.

I'd like to see modern drivers try this with their radio connections, HANS devices and cold-aor systems!

John Guzzetta takes a checker in his #66 Renault 2CV.  Note the rear camber set-up John has working!
Photo by Ed Oberlies
Nov. 13, 1971
George Sweeting presents the trophy to Vaughn Rockney after winning the "Firecracker 50".  This was a 50 lap race held on the July 4'th weekend.
Vaughn's car was a Morris Minor 1000 which he affectionatly dubbed the "Morris Monster".
Photo by Ed Oberlies   July, 1973
Here is a nice shot of the Morris Monster as it lined up on the grid.  The bash in the left front fender was a result of contact with John Guzzetta's Renault the weekend before.
Photo by Ed Oberlies,   c. 1973
John Martin lines up his blue and white flat head Anglia.  Note the open headers coming through the hood!
photo by Ed Oberlies,  c. 1972
Flat heads rule as David Hollinger taked the inside line down the front straight in the yellow 33.  Rex Pingleton #25 and Ed Bowling #52 run the outside.
photo by Ed Oberlies,   c. 1973
Mike Franklin had many wins in his Anglia.  See the page about Mike Franklin on this site.
photo by Ed Oberlies,   c. 1973
Russ Coon parks the Car 71 Garage Volkswagon in victory circle.  After moving from South Florida, Russ would go on to become the nations first IMCA modified champion.  
Click HERE for the Russ Coon page.
photo by Ed Oberlies, c.  1972
Ted Merritt held the "B" class track record in mid-1973 with a 11.59 second lap.  This shot was taken August 12, 1972.
Photo by Ed Oberlies
David Hollinger takes a checker in the Rex Engineering Special.
photo by Ed Oberlies,  c. 1973
Don Edgar took over the controls of the Morris Monster near the end of the 1973 season.
photo by Ed Oberlies, c.   1973
Gary Greenwood in the #89 SAAB 93 works the inside as Mike Franklin runs up high in his overhead valve Anglia.  They are chasing Ed Bowling and Chris Morris. 
(Photo by Ed Oberlies c. 1972)

Every race track needs a "bad boy" to get the crowd worked up.
Here is a photo of Carl Hilton in his flat-head Anglia after a win. 
Note that this photo was found in four pieces in a speedway trash can at the end of a race night!
Photo by Ed Oberlies
March 24, 1973

See the new page on this site with Carl Hilton photos.
September 16, 1972

Ed Hutchinson # 51 warms up with his brother-in-law Ed Bowling # 52.

Ed's pretty racer lines up in front of a packed house. This was the day of a Labor Day charity race that the track put together and organized.  They had a parade with the racecars downtown Homestead in the afternoon, and it worked: the stands were filled.  Unfortunatly rain moved in too.

T-Bone! Rex Pingleton (25) lays the smack down on a competitor during a "B" class stock event. Jim Murray escapes on the high side as David Hollinger looks for a lane.
May 5, 1973

One of the nice guys, "Wild Bill" Riley works the outside in his # 97. John Martin runs low in the 80, as David Hollinger gives chase in 33.
May 5, 1973

Joe Barber Sr. slides his FCS car through turn 1 at Hialeah on his way to a win. Joe started racing toward the end of the speedway's run, but has remained a supporter of the sport. His business, Joe's Radiator in Homestead has helped out many racers over the years.
August 20, 1977    Photo by Bobby (5X5) Day

It is another win for the Bowling clan. This time, the winning driver is Jimmy Bolin, Ed's cousin.

Bob Manley drove one of the Bowling cars into victory circle on March, 16, 1974.
Photo by Ed Oberlies

When do the clowns pile out of # 6? Flip Bancroft lines up in one of the most comical racecars I've ever seen. The 6 is a tiny Fiat 600 that would seem more at home in the center ring. Does anyone know how well it ran?

Chuck Childs looses the damage deposit on his mini. Fortunately for Chuck, he drove a Simca. Compared to the other minis, a Simca was huge, heavy and indestructable!
July, 1968   (photo by Ed Oberlies)

Note the interesting line taken by Gary Greenwood as he enters turn 3. Hey, rubbing is racing! Robert Moelling drives the Anglia with the black top.
Sept. 2, 1972  Photo by Ed Oberlies

Eddie Fields lines up in one of his first rides. Soon, he would take over the controls of his Dad Oren's TQ.