Bill Brown celebrates in victory circle in 1967.
A father and son race team from St. Petersburg made a few visits to FCS.  Here are #00 John Booher, and his dad Norm in the #1.  I am not sure where these shots were taken.  The 00 may possibly have been at Hialeah.
Gary Smith carries the stick again.
I bet the race was tough, but it looks like Roger Brandenberg has really has his hands full with the trophy girl.
August 14, 1965
George DeWald wins again on April 22, 1967.
I believe Rich Benn's roadster still exists, and still competes in the DAARA (Daytona Area Antique Racing Association).  Next time I see it, I'll get some pictures so we can compare...
The TQ field stages on the turn 4 ramp for qualifying.  The 5 is Lawrence Westbury.  From this angle, we can see that styling of this car was straignt out of the 1940's.  Rich Benn and Ron Paquin line up behind him.
Roger Hardin ran a neat operation!
Bill Taylor airs out his Florida City TQ on the dirt oval at Clewiston.
I need to research this one a little bit.  I'm not sure of the date, or even the year.  Willie Ingram in the 95 chases Kenny Andrews and Frank Suits in turn 4.
I am not sure who is drivng 13, but I'm glad he has a cage!
The 11 is Brady Mason.  I am not sure of the year, so I am guessing the 3 is Eddie Washburn.
It is easy to pick out the SAAB powered roadster of Rich Benn outside the front row.  Behind him is the 88 of Gibby LeDuce.
c 1964