Hollywood Speedway hosted many races for the mini stock class over the years, so naturally some of the Florida City cars made the trip to the bigger track.

I did not have a lot of first-hand experience with these cars at Hollywood, but I know most of them.
Wayne Varner in the "Gray Ghost" battles with Gary Greenwood in his SAAB.                                                      7-4-72
Sam Kerr tries to save his Anglia and Ed Esser cruises by.
Ed Bowling, Bob Manley and Buddy Martin battle it out!
Here was Miles Cole in his sharp Fiat.
Wayne Varner took over the driving duties in Red Howell's Ghia, and ended up owning it.
FCS starter Jerry Andrews loses the handle in his #5 Simca.
Gary Greenwood in his Datsun battles with Eddie Hutchinson in the 51.
He was the Florida City infield steward, worked as the pit steward and was a SMRA board member; Bob Manley in the 9 races with Russ Coon in the #71.
Bob and NIck are joined by Chris Morris in the "Highway Patrol Special" #57 and Phil Greenwood in the #90.
Mini stock veterans Dennis Butler, Sam Kerr and Ed Esser were having a great day.
Sam and Dana Barlow were lifelong friends.
Key Largo racer Gary Ross collects a win.  Gary is from a racing family with his brothers and dad joining the action.
George Sweeting drove his potent VW to wins across the state.  Here he works the low side of Ed Esser.
Gary Greenwood, Miles Cole and Dana Barlow in action.  I am not sure who is driving the #89 VW.
This is Gary Greenwood and west coast driver Billy Collins.
Nick Reed in the #11, and Bob Manley in the #9.
Gary Greenwood in the #90 and Bob Manley in the #9.
Vaughn Rockney's "Morris Monster" was taken over by Don Edgar.
Checkered flag for Ed Esser!
Dana and Mary Jo Barlow celebrate in victory circle.
Dana is a life-long racer and mechanic.  Late models, minis, road racing, drag racing, hot rods, electric cars, sailboats and even the worlds fastest human powered vehicles; he has been there and raced that.
The United Mini Stock Conference was a travelling series that presented mini stocks to many tracks as a special main event.
Mike Cobb in the #67 and Miles Cole in his #77 Fiat.
Miles Cole leads the Florida State Mini Stock champion, George Sweeting.
Raleigh Beatty with two of his VW;s.
The father and son team of Phil and Gary Greenwood went at it on the fourth of July, 1972.
Gary Greenwood stares down Bob Williams #17, Don Winchester #16, and Bill Maples as they scramble for racing room.
Nick Reed drove the #11.  Look close and you can see Gary Rherer in his #44.  He led Carl Hilton in the #53.
Fort Myers racer Woody Tonnette made many trips to race on the east coast.
​Here is a good look at Miles Cole's Fiat.
​Mark Koegel wins another feature.
​Joe Varner relaxes after a Sunday afternoon show.
​Chris Morris's #57 was painted like a Florida highway patrol car.
​Who drove the #25? Gary Greenwood was in the #89 Datsun.
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