Photos featuring TQ racer
Dan Brown
Introducing... Danny Brown!  He is an Illinois farmboy who joined the Air Force and found himself stationed at Homestead AFB in 1966 and 1967.

Here is a picture of Dan's first win.  It came in a car owned by Eddie Washburn.  

It took some doing to jump start Dan's racing career.  After hanging around the track and fishing for a ride, it was Doug Ingram who finally let Dan warm up his #95.  From there, Dan ended up racing a green #25  roadster, known as "the pickle".  That car was owned by Bud Danzey.
Dan works "the pickle" on the outside as J.W. Payne and Walt Sizemore run on the bottom.
This was taken in the spring of 1967.
Photo by Wally
Is it just me, or should Dan try a lower line?
Eddie Washburn turns to see the 93 bouncing off the wall in turn 1.  He had reason for concern since Eddie owned both cars!
January 27, 1968
That is Perry Jones in the 95 and Eddie Washburn in the 94.  Perry was a crop duster in Homestead who went on to become a well known car owner in Late Models.  Once again, it was Eddie who owned the #93 where Dan Brown found much success.
After leaving south Florida, Dan bought this full midget and raced with USAC for two years.  In 1970, he won the USAC midget division Rookie of the Year award!
In 1968, Dan's Air Force orders sent him to Alaska, where he was involved in a car-pedestrian accident.  His injuries led to the amputation of his left leg above the knee.

While back in Florida City on convelescent leave, Dan jumped in the #93 and won the trophy dash!  The amazing picture above was taken less than two months after the amputation surgury.

That same night, the motor in the 93 blew up during the heat race, so Walt Sizemore put Dan in his #30 for the feature.  Dan had no practice in the car, and had to start last, but he drove it across the line to a 4'th place finish.  

After a race night like this, it was party time!  Dan claims that the celebration that took place at Eddie Washburn and Billy Hughes's house, along with the great racing results, were the best medicine he could have possibly had!